On March 17, 2017 we took a tram to the office of the company Brown Brothers Harriman where we had a meeting with a couple of people who work there, first we met Mr. Michael J. McDonald – the Managing Director. Mr. McDonald told us some interesting information about himself and BBH company. Then we visited one of the wings of the huge office where we met employees who are in charge of the finances and programming. We also saw lots of places where employees can eat, rest or relax on a break at work. At the end we got small gifts from the company.

Jakub Pelo, 1B

On 17 March 2017 the students of KOSTKA high went to Brown Brothers Harriman Corporation. BBH is an American bank from Boston. First, we met the director of the company, Mike McDonald and many other people who work there. We heard about the history of the company and what is does. Next, we had a tour of the building, where we visited multiple offices, cafes and chillout rooms. In the end we received nice gifts. We really enjoyed this trip! J

Jakub Kierys, 1H

Maciej Tuleja, 1H

Maciej Bednarczyk, 1H

Hubert Jakubowski, 1H

Gabriela Bułat, 1H

Paulina Bylina, 1H


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