On Tuesday 26 April our class 2C went to Massolit Books andCafe. Massolit Books is a bookshop and cafe in Felicjanek Street. In this place there are approximately 20000 books. There aremany types of literature in the bookstore, some of them are forexample: art studies, photography and Polish literature. In the storeyou can read books, drink coffee or hot chocolate. They have a fantastic chocolate cake, too. The opening hours are 10.00 a.m – 8.00 p.m.We had a special „challenge” in Massolit. It was very funny andinteresting. We had to look for information for our worksheet.Our opinion about Massolit Books and Cafe is very positive. We would recommend this place because the atmosphere there is very nice. 🙂

Wiktoria Jasnos

Massolit is a special place in Cracow where you can buy some books, drink a cup of coffee and eat cake. The name of the founder of Massolit Books is Mr. David Miller and he comes from the USA. It is not a typical Cracow bookshop because you can buy English books there and read literature in English. It is situated in 4 Felicjanek Street. There are many types of literature there, for example: world classics, cultural studies, drama and poetry, travel guides and lots more. There are approximately 20000 books in Massolit. There is great atmosphere there and you can buy cheep books. We would like to have more trips like that.

Jan Łuczak,  Janusz Nalepa

Photos by Patrycja Gwóźdź

Maria Michalik, nauczyciel języka angielskiego i niemieckiego

Iwona Poręba, nauczyciel języka polskiego

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