On Friday, 26th February, our class (1D) went on a trip to the Wieliczka Salt Mine. We had a very good guide who was the mother of one of our classmates. She spoke English to us all the time and it was a very interesting experience. We learnt a lot about the mine, its history, the miners who worked there in the past. Our guide also talked to us about her job with English-speaking tourists and answered our questions. We also learnt about the life underground and we know that the work is exhausting and hard, but fascinating. Daily, the guide passes about 5 kilometres with one group! We visited the chambers, chapels and underground corridors. After that we went to the museum and saw a 5D film about salt. We think that the trip was cool!

Aneta Kłósek

Natalia Głowacka



First, we went down about 400 stairs. Then we went through a couple of safety doors. We saw only a small part of the mine – about 1,5% , about 4 kilometres. We saw a very big wooden construction which prevents the collapse, 2 chapels and about 20 chambers. The biggest chapel is St.Kinga’s chapel which was made by only 3 miners! The whole trip was very exhausting but great fun! 🙂

Ania Kościelecka

Szymon Pałka

In the mine we saw many chambers chiseled out in rock salt and we heard a legend about Princess Kinga and how she brought the salt treasure to Poland. One of our friends took photos of all fire extinguishers on our way. We came up in a lift and everyone was screaming and laughing on the way up..

Gosia Pawlik

Dawid Rybałtowski


J Thank you very, very much to our guide, Ms Anna Pałka! 🙂



Photos by Kacper Różycki.

Maria Michalik, nauczyciel języka angielskiego i niemieckiego

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