W piękne przedpołudnie 25 marca klasy językowe 1d, 2c i 2d wraz z wychowawcami kolejny raz wzięły udział w warsztatach językowych. Tym razem działo się wiele! Kostkowicze mieli okazję sprawdzić swoje kompetencje językowe i dodatkowo… potańczyć! 🙂 Było dużo śmiechu i dobrej zabawy.

Paula Gorgoń-Fultyn, nauczyciel języka angielskiego

Zofia Nazim, nauczyciel języka angielskiego




                On the 25th of March, the classes 1d and 2d participated in English workshops at Brama Hotel, organized by lady from Spain.

                First, we formed a big circle and introduced ourselves. After that, the lady talked to us about „biodanza”. The word literally means „the dance of life” and it is called like that because it is any dance that we like performing. We started with walking around in a circle, just as we liked. At first, everybody was shy and thought that those workshops were a little weird, but after some  time we became a bit bolder to move freely and were actually happy to be there. At the end of the meeting, most of us said that it was great fun and that we would like to have another chance of participating in the workshops like those.

                We had such a good time at the workshops that even our teachers joined us and danced a little bit with us. After the event, we came back to school and had our regular lessons.

Inga Łach 1d